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In 1997, I lost my job in Cable and Corporate Communications due to budget cuts. I thought about making a career change, but with a two-year degree in Communications, I was unsure about how to make the transition.After registering with several employment agencies, I had almost given up on finding one that really "listened" when I found an ad from Accent in the New York Times. The name itself seemed appealing to me since Spanish is my first language. Indeed, my instincts were right. Accent sent me on several temporary assignments that allowed me to gain experience in different industries. One temporary assignment introduced me to the company I now call "my second home".

As a Human Resources Assistant for the past five years, I have learned about every aspect of payroll, benefits, compensation and employee relations. I found HR so fascinating, I decided to transfer my AAS credits to a four-year college to pursue a B B A in Human Resources Management. Currently, my company is going through a major restructuring and I was promoted to HR Administrator. I am thankful that Accent "listened" and believed in me, leading me to the right path.

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