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top companies.

Receptionist, Administrative & Support, Customer Service... Experienced and Entry-Level. Bilingual & Monolingual.

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That's what we're committed to achieving between each candidate and every employer we represent. Accent works harder and smarter to deliver the right job for the person, and the right person for the job. No wonder we're the staffing and recruiting specialists of choice for New York's international business community.
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You don't have to respond to one of our listings to get your resume on file. Just attach your Word document or do a quick cut-and- paste into our e-mail window.

When the right job comes in, you'll be ahead of the game.

DRESS FOR SUCCESS ON EVERY INTERVIEW. That means conservative, businesslike attire. (Save the casual Friday look for Casual Friday.) A cost effective way to look professional is to shop at a discounter that carries designer labels like Century 21, T.J. Maxx or Filene's Basement.

HONESTY IS THE BEST - AND ONLY - POLICY when it comes to your resume, job application, interview or salary negotiation. If you've been counseled to misrepresent dates of employment, titles, salary information or educational background, you're getting bad advice. Most company offers are contingent on extensive background checks and may be withdrawn if accurate information has not been provided.

PUT ON YOUR INTERVIEW FACE the moment you enter a prospective employer's offices. Companies pay attention to details like how courteous you are to the receptionist and how neatly and thoroughly you fill out their job application. Little things count. They're part of the overall impression you make.

DON'T TRUST "SPELLCHECK" to proofread your resume. Get a second opinion from someone in the business world you respect. Then get a third. Presentation, format and writing should all be up to professional standards. Take the time to do it right.

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